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My main source of visual inspiration is the human form. I’m most attracted to subjects that are natural and convey strength and resilience. By focusing on the emotional expression of the human body, I am able to create a narrative about its connection to our psyche. 

My art explores themes of duality, distortion and uncertainty to draw a contrast between conflicting elements. Purity and falseness, real and unreal - I am to highlight how duality works to create a whole. The goal of my work is to encourage the viewer to be curious, open-minded and expansive about how we decide what to accept as "right" and truthful.

March 2018 / The Intersection: Mid-City, Los Angeles

May 2018 / The Voyeur Hotel: Downtown, Los Angeles

June 2018 / Living In Color: Compton, Los Angeles

August 2018 / The Emoji Art Show: Downtown, Los Angeles

September 2018 / The Introspection: Little Ethiopia, Los Angeles